Vitamin IVs & Shots

Now offering vitamin IVs and shots on-demand

  • Need an extra boost? Want to perform at your best? Nurse at Your Door administers wellness treatments at venues and events throughout Los Angeles. We offer shots like B12 Boost, Extra Energy, Serenity, and Mood Boost, from our friends at Pure Vitality Rejuvenation Center.
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Drip Menu

Delivering the highest quality ingredients directly into your bloodstream


Boost your immunity & prevent illness before it happens with this super dose of Vitamin C, Selenium, and Zinc to amplify your immune system

A mix of the nutrients & antioxidants crucial for healthy connective tissue,
skin, and hair

A “Super Woman” drip
specially formulated for women to provide hormonal support and antioxidant protection


Calming amino acids,
vitamins & magnesium that
aid neuro-transmitter
production, keeping you at
your best.

Full of essential vitamins
& minerals with added
dose of hydration which
leaves you feeling


Essential vitamins and
minerals plus extra B
vitamins & trace minerals
to help process alcohol

A balanced mix of vitamins
and minerals with added
hydration boost, to help you
replenish fas.. for that
someone who needs a little
more to ward off hangovers

Perfect combo of vitamins
& minerals with a punch of
vitamin C to keep you
healthy during your travels.


Potent cocktail of
vitamins and antioxidants
to combat your hangover
and undo the damage

Provides antioxidants, amino
acid building blocks, and
needed nutrients to repair
your body after high-intensity

A high dose of targeted
amino acids, antioxidants,
vitamins & minerals for
maximum recovery,getting you
back to your peak.

“Glutathione Push”, the “Master Antioxidant” is a powerful detoxifier and can be added to any IV for that extra boost $100